ULL Dynamic WT9 600 Publications

Mandatory Service Bulletins

Document No.TitleDate of IssueRevRevision DateCancel Date
NDO-FORM9-100.1_I7_List_of_bulletins_SB600List Of Bulletins9.2.2024
SB600-2020-1Inspection of gap between the elevator root hinge assembly and the vertical stabilizer skin.28.08.2020
SB600-2020-2Replacement of the main and auxiliary fuel pump check valves on the aircraft equipped with engine Rotax 914UL.28.8.2020
SB600-2020-3Installation of parachute front spacer between firewall and parachute fabric container.21.12.2020
SB600-2021-1Engine mount inspection of aircraft with fixed landing gear and engine Rotax 912 iS12.3.2021
SB600-2022-1Replacement of push rod end bearings in elevator and aileron control system29.6.2022213.7.2022
SB600-2024-1_R0Inspection of the emergency parachute cover9.2.2024