Dynamic WT9.15 GTi

The Dynamic WT9.15 GTi, equipped with Rotax 915 iS engine, certified in Germany 10.11.2022 as ULL600 (WT9 600 NG FG, WT9 600 NG RG). This new version of the Dynamic WT9 has more power, speed and safety inside. It is a cannon in its category that will impress you with amazing parameters, especially when towing gliders (up to 850 kg!).

Tow Performance

Glider Glider
after 600m
Time of
climb to
1181 ft
(360 m) AGL
Rate of
climb at MTOP
ASW-20375 kg208 m28,70 m1:44 m:ss899 ft/min
Discus 2cT565 kg266 m15,34 m2:24 m:ss628 ft/min
Duo Discus750 kg205 m18,32 m2:51 m:ss509 ft/min
Runway Grass, Tow plane weight 500kg, OAT up to 30, VLOF 78-82 km/h, VClimb 120-130 km/h, V50 110-115 km/h, MTOP = Maximum takeoff power, Max. Glider MTOW = 850 kg

Speeds and Performance

Speeds and Performance (Airspeeds are IAS)WT9 600 NG FGWT9 600 NG RG
Stall speed VS068 km/h
Stall speed VS85 km/h
Maximum flap speed VFE160 km/h, FLAPS 15°
140 km/h, FLAPS 24° and 35°
Operating manoeuvring speed VO180 km/h
Maximum speed for Maximum Gust Intensity VRA275 km/h
Never exceed speed336 km/h IAS
MCP (En-route climb)

FLAPS 0, Vy 150 km/h IAS
1760 ft/min (8,94 m/s)1850 ft/min (9,40 m/s)
MTOP (Takeoff climb),

FLAPS 15°, Vy 136 km/h IAS
1760 ft/min (8,94 m/s)1960 ft/min (9,96 m/s)

Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions and WeightsWT9 600 NG FGWT9 600 NG RG
Landing gearFixedRetractable
EngineRotax 915 iS (141 hp)
PropellerAleš Křemen KW-30 (EASA.P.177)
Wing area10,500 m2
Wing Span8,900 m
Lenght6,720 m
Height2,000 m
Fuel tanks capacity74 l/ 100 l/ 126 l
Maximum empty weight
383 kg
MTOW600 kg