Prvé vleky s Dynamic WT9 TURBO na Novom Zélande

  • streda, 30 júl 2014
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Článok je v originálnom jazyku autora.

It arrived in New Zealand in April this year and it was certified by our Civil Aviation Authority on 23/4/2014. This was just before I left on my trip to Europe and it made no sense to insure it for flight risk when I was going to be away for 5 weeks. Unfortunately just before we returned home we had very heavy rain and severe flooding so the airstrip was out of action for some time.

From memory I flew it the first time on June 28th and discovered a technical problem with the radio.I flew it again the next day after a little trouble shooting but it was no better so I had to do some more investigation re the problem. We eventually discovered a problem with the wiring and once this was rectified the radio worked perfectly. I have been busy cleaning up flood damage and the weather has not been very nice at the weekends and Rae has also been in hospital having a hip replacement so last Sunday was really the first oportunity to fly it and tow a glider or two. We went to Timaru which is about 150K south of here as they had a Eurofox down there last Wednesday to see if it performed any better off a paved runway when towing gliders as it is not performing very well off the grass!!, ground roll is way to long. I towed the club LS4 first and it went very well, good ground roll on the grass and a rate of climb in excess of 800ft per minute with an airspeed of 70kts. I then did two tows off the grass with the Twin Astir and the first tow was with the same two pilots who were towed behind the Eurofox on Wednesday. The ground roll was again very good with a climb rate of around 650 to 700ft per minute. The Twin Astir was almost at max gross weight. The comments from the pilots was that they thought it was at least 30% better than the Eurofox and probably 15% better than their 150HP Piper Cub and this was at 70 knots not 60 knots that the Eurofox used. The second tow was with the Club chief flying instructor who had flown the LS4 previously and the club chief tow pilot who is a commercial pilot, "C" catergory instructor and glider pilot. Again the comments were very positive.

When time permits and Rae is better I plan to do a New Zealand wide demonstration tour with it.


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